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‘Using  ICT   to  measure  skills,  understanding  and  knowledge

Annual Conference and Exhibition

2009 Programme

Day One, Wednesday 18h March 2009 – The Human Aspect of e-Assessment              (see Day Two)

e-Assessment, the use of technology to assess skills, knowledge, understanding and competency is underpinning a revolution is the use of ICT in the class room and the workplace. Day One of the e-Assessment Question 2009 will focus on the human elements of these developments from the impact on the learner, to effects on teachers, trainers and managers, to the design and implementation of robust and fit for purpose qualifications and formative assessments; in this the age of the internet and to a generation raised since the birth of the computer, the web, games, social networking and global telecommunications.

 0930  Opening Plenary Session,

    Opening Key Note Address will look at the strategic and policy issues underpinning the expansion of e-Assessment

     ‘Managing Assessment in a digital world’ Isabel Nisbet, Acting Chief Executive, OFQUAL
     ‘Developing the solutions that are educationally sound and technologically appropriate’
    Patrick Craven, Cambridge Assessment
     ‘The role of e-Assessment’ John Winkley, ALPHAPLUS Consulting

1110  Multiple Streams with delegate choice

    Stream 1: Innovation and developing delivery. The new technology provides exciting opportunities and this stream will examine how organisations have used the technologies to enhance learning and teaching..

        Ben Partridge I4Learning,
        Matt Wingfield, TAG Learning
        Che Osborne, BTL

    Stream 3: The e-Assessment Seminar.

    As in 2008, the 2008 conference will feature a seminar devoted to the introduction of e-Assessment into schools. With an increasing number of Awarding Bodies introducing e-assessment into GCSE and other exams, the new Diploma and Functional Skills, e-assessment will become a key IT development for schools in the next 2 to 3 years.  This dedicated seminar (with separate booking) will explore these developments and how schools and L.A..s can begin preparing for the future. Priority For L..A. Staff  and Schools ICT Co-ordinators.

      11.10 Chair: Martin Ripley 21st Century Learning Alliance - introduction 5 mins

      11.15 ‘The view from the class-room using online resources’, Gerry Toner, Heriot Watt University, Scholar Project

      11.35 Rosemary Partridge - TAG Developments - setting the scene

      11.40 Tony Stephens, The Westwood School, Coventry. (e-Assessment and OCR’s iMedia)

      12.00  Adam King, Newlands School, Maidenhead. (e-Assessment and the Curriculum)

      12.20  Peter Smith - School Shape

      12.40 Q&A

    Also open to all delegates at the conference

1245  Lunch sponsored by Prometric_2color_lg small1

During lunch and in the Shaw Theatre Sue Parker, Learning-etc. will be presenting on behalf of The UK Commission for Employment and Skills consultation on National Occupational Standards - your chance to influence their developments.

1345  Multiple Streams with delegate choice

    Stream 1:  Working in the Real World - The conference is about people, but innovation and new technology is changing the goal posts every day, the impact of those changes, and the subject of change management is the focus of this session.

      ‘Change Management – managing the implementation process’   Graham Hudson, DRS
      ‘The e-Assessment Challenge, the Awarding Body Perspective’’     
      Dr. Vikki Smith, Assessment Director, City and Guilds
      'E-Assessment in the credit crunch/downturn/recession'   
      Denis Saunders CEO and Founder, Calibrand

    Stream 2:  Innovatory Approaches to e-Assessment It is a long time since e-Assessment meant multiple choice, now the range of assessment and item types is exciting and changing rapidly. This section looks at some of the newer assessment solutions.

      Mobile Assessment       Gavin Cooney, MD, learnosity
      ‘JISC Advanced eAssessment Techniques project’    
      Martin Ripley 21st Century Learning Alliance, Robert Harding and Jeremy Tafler

1520  Plenary Session on Innovation and People

This stream will look at how the tools and techniques of e-Assessment are used with different learner groups and educational institutions to engage with the learners, teachers, trainers and administrators to support learning and provide effective and efficient assessment vehicles

    ‘SCHOLARpedia: integrating content with     Prof Phillip John, Heriot Watt University
    ‘Meeting expectations and requirements’     Prof. Don Mackenzie, University of Derby
    ‘‘Engaging with users in Schools and Colleges’   Niel McLean, Director BECTA

We are also delighted to announce that the first AGM of the e-Assessment Association will be held at 17.30 in the Shaw Theatre at the end of the first day of the conference. Details can be found on the eAA website.

Day Two, Thurs. 19h March 2009 – Accessibility and Inclusion in e-Assessment and Learning

(see day one)

All institutions are facing a challenge of accessibility and inclusion, whether that results from obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act, or from language, culture and migration issues or from disaffected youth. The process of accessing the knowledge and skills of this growing cohort, and designing learning or training appropriate to their needs is a daunting challenge. . Day Two of the 2009 e-Assessment Question conference will focus on the issues surrounding assessment in these circumstances and how the technology can address the challenges and opportunities of these developments. All sessions are plenary and the opportunity to discuss the issues and question the speakers will be given a high priority

0930  Setting the Scene

Legislation, the enshrinement of rights and increasing social awareness and justice are ensuring that the expectation of inclusion and the unacceptability of exclusion are providing a challenge where institutions, educational bodies and individuals have to meet those expectations head on.

      ‘Setting the Scene’ Simon Ball TechDis
      ‘The land of opportunity?’ Dr. Geraldine Kenney-Wallace, Company Director
      ‘Removing barriers, releasing talent’ Dr. Andrew Pember, Learning Solutions Director, City & Guilds

11.00  What the Learners and Users need

This stream will hear from learners and providers - expectations and opportunities, obstacles and challenges that have been thrown up in a series of presentations from those directly involved.

      David Colvin Ace Centre
      Paul Nisbet, Senior Research Fellow, Univ. of Edinburgh,
      Professor Stephen Gomez, University of Plymouh

1230  Lunch   

13.30  Using the technology

Tackling these problems head on as both suppliers and providers has led to some significant challenges and innovations and this session will try to examine some of the solutions, the lessons learned and the impact of those solutions.

      Gavin Busuttil-Reynaud, Alphaplus
      Ann Jakins, SENCo and Nick Falk ICT Co-ordinator, Sackville School, East Grinstead,
      Gavin Cooney learnosity

Quo Vadis?

The final session of the day, and the conference, will look to the future, where are we heading, what do we need to be aware of, what do we need to be wary of?

      ‘Ticking the Right Boxes’ Tom Burkard, Director, Promethean Trust
      Prof Richard Noss, IofE

Closing remarks from Chair


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f you are interested in presenting  at the next years (2013) conference please contact
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