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‘Using  ICT   to  measure  skills,  understanding  and  knowledge

Annual Conference and Exhibition

2009 7th Year

About the Conference and Exhibition


A broad range of learning, training and study is now assessed using technology. The scope and coverage grows each year

    The tools and techniques in the marketplace are becoming increasingly sophisticated and traditional doubts and barriers are being overcome.

    A number of large scale qualifications are using e-assessment and considerable experience is being gained in education, training and industry.

    There is an increasing expectation by students, employees, assessors and government that the technology will be available to use in a secure, robust and fit for purpose manner.

    The e-Assessment Question has become the key event for discussing all the issues surrounding the practical application of computerised testing and assessment. The impressive attendance of the last six years and the wide range of speakers and exhibitors have shown that there is real interest from the classroom to the workplace in the use of e-Assessment.

This the seventh conference, as with the first six annual e-Assessment-Question events, was an extremely successful international conference and exhibition. An enthusiastic audience including delegates from Japan, US, Qatar, Israel, Netherlands, Ireland and the UK, enjoyed an excellent conference giving practical guidance and advice about e-Assessment and computer based testing and assessment systems. We are proud that the event played a significant role in:

  1. Raising the awareness of the importance of e-Assessment
  2. Bringing the major players together at one event for an exchange of ideas and to review lessons learnt and opportunities taken.
  3. Providing a forum for developing the debate on the selection and use of e-Assessment.

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Are you considering computer based testing or using e-portfolios?

Do you want to find out about
e-Assessment? or want to see the latest developments?

What are the implications for learners and teachers, not to mention examiners and managers?

Are you concerned about the risks and costs?

Want to upgrade current
e-Assessment technologies?

Thinking about the Accessibility impact of your technology?

Involved with e-marking, e-Assessment or e-portfolios for the first time?

Not sure of the impact of DDA on your e-Assessment portfolios or testing?

What is best practice in e-Assessment?

Need to learn more about e-Assessment

Heard your Awarding body is moving to e-Assessment?

Want to discuss the issues with colleagues, AB’s etc?



Speakers this year include

Simon Ball, JISC TechDis
Tom Burkard, Director, Promethean Trust
Gavin Busuttil-Reynaud, Alphaplus Consultancy
David Colvin, Ace Centre
Gavin Cooney, learnosity
Patrick Craven, Cambridge Assessment
Isabel Nisbet, Acting Chief Executive Ofqual (KEYNOTE SPEAKER)
Professor Stephen Gomez University of  Plymouth
Graham Hudson, DRS
Ann Jakins, SENCo and Nick Falk ICT Co-ordinator, Sackville School, East Grinstead 
Professor Phillip John, Dean, Heriot Watt University
Geraldine Kenney-Wallace, Director
Professor Don Mackenzie, University of Derby
Niel Mclean, Director, Becta
Professor Richard Noss, Institute of Education
Paul Nisbet, University of Edinburgh
Ben Partridge, I4Learning
Andrew Pember, City & Guilds
Martin Ripley, 21st Century Learning Alliance
Denis Saunders, Founder and MD Calibrand
Vikki Smith, Assessment Director, City & Guilds
Gerry Toner, Scholar Project Matt Wingfield, TAG Learning
John Winkley, Alphaplus Consultancy


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What is e-Assessment Seminar

What is e-Assessment? Seminar on 18th March at the conference. Chaired by Martin Ripley of 21st Century Learning and featuring presentations from

  • Tony Stephens, The Westwood School, Coventry. (e-Assessment and OCR’s iMedia)
  • Adam King, Newlands School, Maidenhead. (e-Assessment and the Curriculum)
  • Peter Smith - School Shape
  • Rosemary Partridge, TAG Developments
  • Gerry Toner, Heriot Watt

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