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The e-Assessment Question
2003 to 2012 and on

‘Using  ICT   to  measure  skills,  understanding  and  knowledge

Annual Conference and Exhibition

2005 - 3rd Conference & Exhibition

The 2005 event took place on

Thursday March 3rd and Friday March 4th 2005

Shaw Theatre and Novotel Euston London


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Over the last few years there has been a steady growth in the use of computer based testing and assessment otherwise known as e-Assessment. Although uptake in some areas has been slow, there have also been many examples of significant growth and achievement. The use is now becoming established in both formative assessment (as part of a course of study) and in high stakes, summative assessment (in order to achieve formal qualifications). The rate of change is accelerating and the success and importance of e-Assessment has now become recognised in education, training and the professions.

However, for those looking at using ICT based testing and assessment systems, or extending what they have already achieved, the choice of methods and products can be daunting.

Following the success of this event over the last two years, the conference and exhibition this year offered:

  • practical guidance on the selection, use and implementation of computer based testing and assessment, and
  • reviews how it has been used and how the benefits have been gained and the pitfalls

3rd March 2005

Examining the use of e-Assessment

  • within educational institutions
  • in the workplace and
  • for the life long learner
  • with particular reference to formative assessment, , continuing professional development, e-portfolios and vocational qualifications

4th March 2005

Developing e-Assessment for Schools, Colleges and Training Providers. This will focus on

  • providing robust, fit for purpose e-Assessments,
  • the impact on learning and assessment, and
  • innovation and ensuring successful delivery.
  • With particular reference to summative testing, high stakes  and formal qualifications.

The conference on this day will concentrate on current developments & the impact on learning, teaching & training

The conference on this day will concentrate on delivering high stakes examinations and qualifications using  ICT.

On Thursday 3rd March 2005 there was a Conference evening reception for

delegates and participants hosted by             

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Who should attend?

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                                             Awarding Bodies

Local Authorities

Heads of Curriculum Development

Publishers,  e-Learning and System Providers   

                                              Qualification & Assessment Providers

Senior managers at Schools

Heads of Adult Learning

Vocational Qualification Specialists

                                            Central Government agencies

Colleges & Training Providers

H.R. Directors and Managers

Training and CPD Managers  


Running alongside the conference will be an exhibition of leading software and

solutions providers in the field of Computer Based Testing and Assessment.

Complimentary tickets are available separately for the exhibition.



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