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‘Using  ICT   to  measure  skills,  understanding  and  knowledge

Annual Conference and Exhibition

2007 Fifth Year

The 2007 conference and exhibition turned out to be the biggest and most rewarding e-Assessment Question to date.

This is an exciting time in the world of e-Assessment.

Its use in the professional and work-based arena is being increasingly well established.

  • The tools and techniques in the marketplace are becoming increasingly sophisticated and traditional doubts and resistance are being overcome.
  • A number of potentially large scale qualifications and tests have become well established and considerable experience is being gained in Awarding Bodies, educational institutions, the workplace and training/learning providers.
  • Regulators, awarding bodies and education policy makers haves demonstrated a major commitment to its growth and development in the schools and college sector.
  • Many successful applications in computer based testing, formative and summative testing, electronic marking and the use of e-portfolios, electronic project and course-work and in its use continuing professional development


  • The e-Assessment Question has become the key event for discussing all the issues around the practical application of computerised testing and assessment. The impressive attendance figures of the last two years and the range of speakers and exhibitors has shown that there is real interest and desire in the education and training marketplace to use e-Assessment.


Round Table

We were delighted to announce a series of extra features at the 2007 conference illustrating the growth and development of e-Assessment and the relevance of computer based testing and assessment to learning, training and skills development.

This years conference featured amongst a range of fascinating presentations and papers:

  • The LAUNCH of the e-Assessment Association
  • The Institute of Educational Assessors Forum ‘Developing an e-Assessment Strategy’
  • Three sets of presentations from the STUDENTS of Newark FE College, Farnborough Sixth Form College and King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys School, showing how they use the technology to support and assess their own learning.
  • Session on Qualifications Development covering the new Qualifications Framework
  • ‘International challenges of testing across borders’.
  • ‘Developing an e-Assessment GCSE’ and other announcements and reviews.
  • Sessions on ‘objective item design’ and ‘development of fit for purpose assessment instruments’.
  • Specialist streams lead by publishers and assessment bodies on how to gain the benefits and avoid the risks from e-Assessment in learning and training.

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