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The e-Assessment Question
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‘Using  ICT   to  measure  skills,  understanding  and  knowledge

Annual Conference and Exhibition

2007 Programme

The e-Assessment Question 2007 PROGRAMME 8th and 9th March 2007

Theme – not just technology but also people

Day One – Tools and Techniques for e-Assessment – Chair – Kim Catcheside      click here for day two

09:30  Key Note Address – ‘The QCA viewpoint : Examining Regulatory and Educational Policy Issues’ - Isabel Nisbet, Director or Regulation and Standards, QCA  (SHAW THEATRE)

Followed by

‘Developments in e-testing for educational and workplace learning’  - Geraldine Kenney-Wallace, Group Director, New Ventures, City and Guilds

Changes since 2004’ Geoff Chapman, Head of Marketing, Thomson Prometric research study feedback

11am COFFEE sponsored by Kryterion ( )

11.15 Three parallel streams (delegates may select which they wish to attend)

    Stream One (In the REGENTS PARK Suite) ’Selecting and developing e-Assessment – introduction and case studies’

       ‘From the prospective of the Awarding Body and Professional Association’ Richard Dorrance, Chief Executive, CACHE

       ‘The e-Assessment adoption process for an Awarding Body’ - Craig Strangwick and Kate Soper, ABC Awards

       ‘High Stakes Internet Based testing – an Australian Success’ – Gavin Cooney, Websonic

    Stream Two Specialised Seminar Stream ‘Innovative Item Types’  With apologies from Thomson Prometric this seminar has been cancelled.

    Stream Three (In the SHAW THEATRE) Specialised Seminar Stream

      ‘Using Assessment to inform Teaching and Learning’ repeated at 11.15 and 12.00

12.30 LUNCH

13.30 ‘The student voice –  Using the technology’

             Presentations and videos from the students – (SHAW THEATRE)

      King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys School

      Farnborough Sixth Form College

      Newark College

    ‘Expectations of learners’ - Martin Ripley, 21st Century Learning Alliance


15:15  Evolving Solutions and Requirements (SHAW THEATRE) including JISC announcement

    ‘Best Practice in e-assessment’ - Paul Howarth, MD, Pearson VUE (UK)

    ‘Developing Solutions to meet expectations and needs’ - Denis Saunders, MD, Calibrand

    ‘e-Assessment within the Qualification framework proposals’ - Peter Wilson, QCA

17:00  LAUNCH of The e-Assessment Association (eAA)  by Professor Cliff Beevers in the Shaw Theatre. After the presentations you are invited to meet with eAA Board Members over light refreshments sponsored by Horizon Wimba and supported by Assessment Tomorrow, please see the enclosed invitation from the eAA.                                                         

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Day Two – Advances and Developments in e-Assessment – Chair – Colin Deal   click here for day one

09:30   The Institute of Educational Assessors Forum on Developing an e-Assessment Strategy’ Including a question and answer expert forum (SHAW THEATRE)

11.15am COFFEE sponsored by Kryterion ( )

      includes Poster Session ‘Language Testing with Mobile Telephones’ – a project from Ireland – Gavin Cooney, Websonic

11.30 Three parallel streams (delegates may select which they wish to attend)

    Stream One (In the SKYLINE Suite, Chair: Colin Deal) ‘e-Assessment in the broad view’

      ‘Designing fit for purpose assessment instruments’ 

      - John Winkley, Alphaplus and Che Osborne, Commercial Director, BTL

      ‘Technology in the support of personalised learning’ - Sid Spalding , DRS Senior Account Manager - Examinations and Assessment, DRS

      CPD and the Learning and Teaching Culture’ - Chris Mason experteese

     Stream Two (In the HYDE PARK Suite, Chair: Martyn Roads) The international challenge

        ‘International Opportunities for Education and Training’ Stephen Scowcroft, Trade Advisor, Education, UKT&I

        ‘Working across borders’ - Jim Lacey, President and CEO, Linux Professional Institution

        ‘Qualifications and international requirements’ - Peter Newman, MD, HAMLET

     Stream Three (In the REGENTS PARK Suite, Chair: Malcolm Batchelor) In the class room

      Innovative Item Writing Techniques And TechnologiesPaul Walker, Kryterion

      ‘The challenge of automating formative assessment in schools’ - Prof. Fred McBride, ALTA Systems (NI)

      ‘Developing an e-Assessment delivered GCSE’ - Ann Trant Manager in Subject Administration and Bob Penrose Principal Manager New Technology, AQA

13.00 LUNCH includes Poster Session ‘Language Testing with Mobile Telephones’ – a project from Ireland – Gavin Cooney, Websonic

13.45 Three Concurrent sessions (delegates may select which they wish to attend)

    Stream One (In the SKYLINE Suite, Chair : Colin Deal)

      ‘Using the technologies to support learning and development’  Graham Taylor, TestWise Development Manager, NferNelson

      ‘Guidelines for Writing Objective Tests’ - Bobby Elliot, SQA

      ‘Specialised Diplomas - Implementation’ Val Carpenter for Sue Parker, Learning etc

      ‘Collaboration and Assessment for Learning’ David Wild, Horizon Wimba

    Stream  Two (In the Regents ParkSuite) Specialised Seminar Stream

      ‘Innovations in Computer Based Assessment’ Michael Kaysar - Pearson VUE
      repeated at 1.45 and 2.35

    Stream Three (In the Hyde Park Suite) Specialised Seminar Stream

      ‘Using the e-portfolio’ Mike Dawe and Andrew Stone, City and Guilds
      repeated at 1.45 and 2.35

    15:15 Kryterion ( ) Prize draw for winners of IPOD with exclusive online education content

    Closing Address – Options for the future – Prof. Stephen Heppell

    Conference Close at 1515 –1530                                     

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f you are interested in presenting  at the next years (2009) conference please contact
Jeff Ross on +44 (0) 7785 920392 or email

Specialised Seminar Streams:

Thursday am : Thomson Prometric lead stream on innovative item types

Thursday am: Harcourt lead stream on Using Assessment to inform Teaching and Learning

Plenary Session : The Students Voice:

Three sets of presentations from the STUDENTS of Newark and Sherwood FE College, Farnborough Sixth Form College and King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys School, showing how they use the technology to support and assess their own learning

Institute of Educational Assessors Forum ‘Developing an e-Assessment Strategy’ at this years e-Assessment Question, Conference and Exhibition.

This will feature a panel including
Michelle Alpren, QCA
Malcolm Batchelor, JISC
Stuart Jones, BeCTA
Emeritus Professor Fred McBride, Alta Systems (NI) Ltd
Kathleen Tattersall, IEA Chair
Martyn Ware, SQA                    and be chaired by Colin Deal

They will answer questions and lead discussion on subjects as diverse as technophobia and public perception to quality assurance and impact of the technology on assessment.  The forum is sponsored by the Institute of Educational Assessors, . The Institute of Educational Assessors is an independent professional body committed to maintaining and improving the quality of assessment, by working with others to offer professional support and development for the assessment community, thereby sustaining and increasing public confidence in assessment standards and practices.

Specialised Seminar Streams:

Friday pm : Pearson/Edexcel lead session on ‘e-marking’ and ‘adoption of the technologies’

Friday pm : Using the e-portfolio lead by City and Guilds

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f you are interested in presenting  at the next years (2013) conference please contact
Jeff Ross on +44 (0) 7785 920392 or email

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