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‘Using  ICT   to  measure  skills,  understanding  and  knowledge

Annual Conference and Exhibition

2012 10th Year

e-Assessment, the use of technology based assessment, is increasingly becoming part of the mainstream in the classroom and the workplace.  For the 2012 conference year we took the Impact of e-Assessment on  Qualifications, Awarding and Certification’ Assessment for Learning as our focus and looked at how the technology, tools and techniques of e-Assessment can support the High Stakes Assessment as well as Formative and Summative Assessment processes and the delivery of qualifications and certification in the classroom  and the work place.

e-Assessment provides a wealth of tools and techniques that enhance and support the qualification process

  • Design of a wide range of stimulating and testing question and item types
  • Enablement of e-portfolio, evidential and controlled assessments
  • Construction of innovative assessment vehicles from adaptive testing to on demand assessment to self-diagnosis assessment
  • Delivery of assessment in demanding environments and to suit deliverers, awarding organisations and most importantly learner
  • In depth analysis and feedback of performance of individuals, groups, assessment and teaching
  • Use of content and systems in a variety of productive and innovative forms
  • Administrative support of the qualification process and integration with a wide range of IT and ICT enabled activities.

However, whilst technology offers benefits for those using, or considering using, ICT to address these ideas, there are also challenges to be addressed. e-Assessment brings the opportunity to adopt exciting and innovative approaches to otherwise costly, and/or inflexible assessment of learners, students or employees. 

The impact on Awarding Organisations,  and on Teachers and Trainers, and hence on learners and stakeholders,  is profound.

This, the 10th conference, as with the first nine annual e-Assessment-Question events, was a broad based international conference and exhibition. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to hear and see practical guidance and advice about e-assessment and e assessment systems. We are proud that the event over its now long history has played a significant role in:

  • Raising the awareness of the importance of e-Assessment
  • Bringing the major players together at one event for an exchange of ideas and to review lessons learnt and opportunities taken.
  • Providing a forum for developing the debate on the selection and use of e-Assessment.

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Speakers included

Awarding Bodies includung AQA, ACCA, Cambridge Assessment, CITO, OCN London, UKAA

Innovators and Developers such as
BTL, Calibrand, examsondemand, TELEVIC., WIRIS

Users including a school and their students, a university, Youth Offender Unit, the eAA.

21st March 2012 – e-Assessment – managing the development of robust and reliable assessment

22nd March 2012 – developing e-Assessment to supporting Awarding Organisations, learners, teachers and managers

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