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‘Using  ICT   to  measure  skills,  understanding  and  knowledge

Annual Conference and Exhibition

2008 Programme

To download pdf’s of the presentation click on view copy button next to each speaker, a number of video highlights  from this years conference also available click on (see video highlights) below.

f you are interested in presenting  at the next years (2009) conference please contact
Jeff Ross on +44 (0) 7785 920392 or email

Day One Chair Colin Deal,, Examware                  CLICK HERE FOR DAY TWO

0930 Opening Plenary Session,  (see video excerpts)

    This opening session will look at the strategic and policy issues underpinning the expansion of e-Assessment

    • Opening Key Note Address. 'e-Assessment - the Big Picture' Isabel Nisbet, Director of Regulation and Standards, QCA view copy
    • Developing e-Assessment - Andrew Bird, Deputy Director General,
      AQA view copy

      Challenges of e-Assessment – Emma Everitt, Business Development Manager for EMEA, Pearson VUE view copy

1110 Multiple Streams with delegate choice

    Stream 1: The awarding body perspective gives the opportunity for a range of Awarding Bodies to discuss the issues they faced when taking up the gauntlet of e-Assessment, how they have managed the process and the challenges they still face - with presentations from

      Jim Lacey, CEO, Linux Profession Institute view copy

      Bob Bullivant, Deputy Director General, Chartered Insurance Institute  view copy

      ‘Change management issues of implementing an innovatory e-assessment solution for ABC Awards' Craig Strangwick and Kate Soper, ABC Awards  view copy

    Stream 2:  Use of new media for assessment. Chaired by Denis Saunders, MD Calibrand. Technology is evolving fast and yesterday’s innovation becomes today’s standard practice all too quickly. The new technologies of using media and interaction present real challenges particularly with a growing population comfortable and expectant with the techniques and technologies. Three speakers describe how these challenges can be met and the technologies used to develop people and the assessments.

      Engaging teachers, trainers and learners Adrienne Jones, CPD Adviser, Teachers TV

      Accelerated learning through imagery & animation  - Keith Bound, Image Dynamics view copy

      Innovation in the design of assessments, Che Osborne, Director, BTL  view copy

    Stream 3: H.E. Perspective from the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol. One department at a University presents the myriad ways in which e-Assessment has changed the pattern or learning and teaching within their own institution.

      (see video excerpts)

      Meeting the challenge of e-assessment in the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences - Dianne Rees view copy

      Using e-portfolios - Mandy Harbottle view copy

      Electronic Objective Structured Examinations (e-OSCE) - Simon Messer  view copy

      Making assessment feedback meaningful and rapid - Dr Stephen Gomez view copy

1245 Lunch sponsored by Prometric_nostar

1345 Multiple Streams with delegate choice

    Stream 1: Innovation and developing delivery. The new technology provides exciting opportunities which three speakers address and show in their own case studies how the additional functionality and opportunities offered can be grasped to the benefit of the assessor and the learner.

      Digital authentication for security qualifications license – Linda Steedman, MD, ecom Scotland view copy

      'Adventures in e-Learning and e-Assessment' – Mark Creeger, MD, Adventures in e-learning, unfortunately due to illness Mark had to withdrraw, he sends his apologies.

      Use of Mobile Phones for Language Learning and Assessment for Learning - Gavin Cooney, MD, Learnosity view copy

    Stream 2:  The e-portfolio - Chair: Bob Smart, MD, PF Global.
    The e-portfolio, for a variety of learning and development tools,  is perhaps the most exciting area of e-Assessment, and certainly the one that offers challenges but presents substantial benefits to the learner and to the provider.

      The challenge of the e-portfolio - Bob Smart, MD, PF Global and Melanie Baker, BT Expedite

      Innovation in assessment of coursework - Matt Wingfield TAG Learning  view copy

      Managing Skills and Development – Dr Tom Holland, myknowledgemap

    Stream 3: Feedback and using the data. The systems underpinning e-Assessment store and manipulate large volumes of data about individuals, about cohorts, about the assessment themselves. How that data is presented and manipulated to support learning and reduce administration is described in these three presentations.

      Using Assessment Data - Chris Sherwood, Product Manager, CAPITA Children's Services and Neil Bradford, Deputy Headteacher, Featherstone High School view copy

      The Scholar project – Prof. Philip John and Gerry Toner, Heriot Watt  University view copy

      Tracking Children’s’ profile through assessment data - Dr Ian Walker, Screen Learning view copy

1520 Plenary Session on Innovation and People - the conference is about innovation, but innovation with a purpose to support learning, the deliverers and the recipients of that learning   (see video excerpts)

  • Key Note Address - ‘Myths or Barriers to e-Progress?’’ - Geraldine Kenney-Wallace, Group Director, New Ventures, City and Guilds view copy
  • Engaging Learners - innovation in assessment for learning - John Winkley, Alphaplus view copy

    The Scottish Experience – Martyn Ware, Business Manager, Computer Assisted Assessment, SQA view copy

    Innovation in blended learning - Linden Harris and Adrian Wheaton, Nelson Thornes view copy

To download pdf’s of the presentation click on view copy button next to each speaker

Day Two                                                                               CLICK HERE FOR DAY ONE

Chair: Kim Catcheside, BBC Education Correspondent, Radio 4

0930 Introductory Address from Graham Herbert, Institute of Educational Assessors   view copy
(see video excerpts)

The IEA e-Assessment Forum - a panel of five senior figures will address issues raised by the chair (Kim Catcheside, BBC Education Correspondent, Radio 4) and the audience. The panel to be

  • John Guy (Farnborough Sixth Form College)
  • John Kerr (Edge)
  • Niel Mclean (Becta) 
  • Martin Ripley (21st Century Learning)
  • John Winkley (Alphaplus Consultancy)
11.00 Two parallel streams and the e-Assessment Seminar for Schools and LA staff only

    Stream 1: The International Perspective – Chair: Richard Parry, UK Trade and Investment - technology breaks down barriers, none more so than geographical barriers - hear the experience of those looking out beyond our shores and of the experiences in other parts of the world.

      Working across borders – opportunities - Graham Snape – UK T&I view copy

      The WSET experience – David Wrigley, Wine & Spirit Education Trust view copy

      The NSW e-Assessment experience - Gavin Cooney, Learnosity  view copy

    Stream 2:  Innovation and Inclusion  - Chair: Bob Gomersall, BTL - it is all too easy to see the technology as a barrier for many learners (for many reasons) - this session looks at some of those issues and how they can be addressed.

      Assessment 2.0: Using Web 2.0 to modernise Assessment  - Bobby Elliott, SQA view copy  link to paper on which this presentation is based click here

      'e-testing for dyslexia and dyscalculia’ – Phil Wileman, GL ASSESSMENT  view copy

      Accessibility -Denis Saunders, MD and Founder Calibrand view copy

The e-Assessment Seminar.
For the first time, the 2008 conference featured a morning seminar devoted to the introduction of e-Assessment into schools. With an increasing number of Awarding Bodies introducing e-assessment into GCSE and other exams, the new Diploma and Functional Skills, e-assessment will become a key IT development for schools in the next 2 to 3 years.  This dedicated seminar (with separate booking) explored these developments and how schools and LAs can begin preparing for the future. Open to Local Authorities Assessment Co-odinators and Schools ICT Co-ordinators only. Supported by BECTA, TAG Learning and the e-Assessment Association


    Kim Catcheside - Chair

    Martin Ripley – 21st Century Learning – A background introduction to e-Assessment

    Matt Wingfield – TAG Learning – Application of e-Assessment

    Bernie Zakary – Becta – Importance of e-Assessment

1230 Lunch  sponsored by Prometric_nostar

13.30 Plenary Session on  where e-Assessment is heading, opportunities and challenges - we look to the future, where the technology is heading and possibly leading us. (see video excerpts)

    Martyn Roads, MR Educational Consultants and Chair, Becta
    e-Assessment Advisory Panel view copy

    Reliability of e-assessment data and the challenges this brings -  Graham Hudson, DRS  view copy

    A New Paradigm in Testing and e-Assessment - Eric Shepherd, CEO, Questionmark  view copy

 Closing remarks from the Chair

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f you are interested in presenting  at the next years (2013) conference please contact
Jeff Ross on +44 (0) 7785 920392 or email

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